kelly stocker

community builder | efficient creative

I like smart ideas, connecting people & optimization. I'm a creative by nature but tech curious from way back. Innovation thrills me as much as a well-written medium piece. If you don't know the Konami code, I'm not sure I can trust you.

compelling copy

Copy should engender a swell of emotion, a sense of excitement and the thrill of discovery. You know when it's done right.

creative strategy

Nothing gets my brain buzzing like creative strategery. Firing off ideas for future world domination is my playground.

harvesting demand

harvesting demand

From consumer-facing events and strategic partnerships to digital campaigns and building a community from the ground up...

let's work together yeah yeah yeah

If you're a consulting firm, let's ideate the hell out of something
If you're a publication, I'll craft pieces that create sustainable traffic
If you're looking for community, I built one of the most robust in the country
If you're a PR agency, we'll source strategic partnerships 
If you're looking for events, I planned 500+ in 6 years (and I have reviews)
If you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day, I'll optimize your digital life
If you're feeling left behind by tech, I'll teach you the shortcuts
If you want to know anything about Austin, I got that too

If you want to hire me, I will graciously accept your dollars